New Filmmakers LA

By chance, I met Larry Laboe through coworkers, and he extended to me an invite to his monthly film festival known as New Filmmakers Los Angeles.


To preface, there are a lottttt of film festivals in LA. I’ve also been to a lottt of them. After being immersed in a dark theater (one of my favorite places to be) watching all the films by NFMLA, all I can say is WOWZA. This film festival packs a punch. Just the sheer variety and quality of these films are incredible. What an amazingly curated collection!


Here are my top 4 picks:


A Field Between
Written by Rena Mundo Croshere, Directed by Mundo Sisters
15 Mins
An intimate story of Amaryllis Fox, former CIA officer, who specialized in deconstructing terrorist attacks. Through her experience in the U.S. and in the Middle East, we see that we are more alike with each other than we are different.


Cecil & Carl
Directed by Elvis Leon & Gastón Yvorra
15 Mins
For a quick 15 minutes glimpse, we truly feel the love Cecil has for his partner Carl. I’m not talking about any grand gestures of love, but more the day to day of caring for your partner, loving that person through aging and dementia. Beautiful!


Status Quo
Written and directed by Marie-Rose Osta
20 mins
Statue Quo took us into the apartment of two lovers in the Middle East, as they work through the insecurities of their relationship. What made it so impactful was the constant terrorist attacks being reported on the TV in the background. Imagine having a fight with your significant other without having to worry about terrorist attacks. Boy was I glad to be living in LA after seeing this film.


The Best and the Loneliest Days
Written and directed by Qianzhu Luo
16 mins
This story struck several familiar chords with me as I am too a Chinese girl, living in Los Angeles, feeling the pull of Western and Eastern cultures. This cheeky film showed us how to become our true self, no matter how many cultural pulls we have standing in the way.