Fear Us Women

During my first Women in Entertainment Summit (SO good!), I saw a doc that changed my perspective.

Fear Us Women (2017)

Produced by Hayley Pappas, the film followed around Hanna Bohman, a Canadian who voluntarily joined the YPJ to fight against ISIS.


After the screening, Hanna did an Q&A. She said the best way for us to support her is to bring awareness to her cause.


When she heard that there were many people joining ISIS, she thought, then there must be a way to join and fight against ISIS. For the past three years, she’s dedicated herself to fighting against ISIS, and protecting the members of YPJ.


Hanna said many of her colleagues in the film have since died in battle. This doesn’t keep Hanna from fighting. She said now that she’s returned to the U.S. to promote this film, it doesn’t feel right that she gets to go to a restaurant, and eat steak and drink while, while knowing that many members of YPJ are sleeping in dirt and eating rice with tomatoes. She hopes this film will open others eyes on the efforts to destroy ISIS.


If you see any documentaries this year, make it this one. It’ll be available in theaters in Los Angeles as well as online streaming on 11/17/17.